$ Getting Started With Flutter.. A Noob Friendly Guide

Written by : Ojas



1. What Exactly Is Flutter?

Flutter is an framework based on Dart(A language invented by Google). Well, The reason why flutter is popular these days is its capability to integrate beautiful UI for not only iOS and android but also desktop and web with same CodeBase! (Killing many birds with one stone!) You may have inspired with some UI that u saw on dribble or behnace… Once u get a hand of flutter it’s quite simple to implement it. That’s the reason to use Flutter. It is All about widgets they say! In flutter each component of UI is treated as a separate widget.

So that’s a quite short and sweet desc of flutter isn’t it!

2. Is Flutter The Right Choice For You?

As I said flutter is all about widgets… but do you really want to switch to flutter? It depends…If your focus is to create beautiful apps with complex animations mainly for iOS and androi.. Flutter is for you then!Also these days Flutter is trending… so it’s better to learn It!

But If your aim is to build a very complex app that relies on core iOS or android features it’s better to code it separately…because it can be a pain in flutter!

So choose wisely!

3. Resources To Get Started?

Well (Surprisingly 🤪) Flutter’s Documentation is Far bether than lot of languages out there… Flutter team have their YouTube channel where they post Weekly Videos About random widgets!

Also check out pub.dev for some awesome packages that will save tons of your time while developing an app!

Not only Youtube , you will also find curated content on medium.com And Udemy.com I have Personally watched the videos from Udemy thereby I am recommending you a few!

Not to Forget there is a very helpfu community on telegram to solve all your doubts!




UDEMY Course 1

UDEMY Course 2


(P.s. Haven’t mentioned flutter docs link.. I hope that’s easy To find!)

4. So to summarise.. Can you really build production ready apps?

Yes, You can! If you practice flutter well it’s a big time saver… I myself have published 2 apps on play store… One of which has 30k installs currently..!

Also flutter is easy to learn even for a newbie… I learnt flutter when I knew only Basics HTML and css!…So keep fluttering.. whether a pro or a noob..😗

Search for { pub:OjasK } on play store to see what u can make out with flutter!

Dont forget to checkout my Github and Insta Regarding Flutter Queries!


Happy Coding! 😇


Artcile date: 2020-03-06 19:19:06 +0000


Written by: Ojas